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آموزش زبان فارسی Learn Farsi

A little about persian language

  • Persian language belongs to a bidirectional language ie. using two-way to write
    • When you write a normal text you write from the Right to the left
    • When you use calculation or write a number you write from left to right
    The difference is the base for other various settings eg.
    When you open a book ladle consequently the first page there as Danes tend to see the last page
    When we flip our way to a page looks and leaves from the opposing side as in Denmark habit and leaves.
    a small difference from the start it gives many changes in dety as usual in the daily Denmark to do
    Each language has dominated much of both geography and this country's history, it is very interesting to see
    how the two elements affect languages here in Denmark and also Persian from Iran.

  • Persian language belongs to Indo-European language branches missions. and this means that as other languages
  • Persian languages of the same activities that make new words with the composition of two or more of the old words
  • Persian does not use sex fortegensle say. one and one is always the same.
  • There is no difference between male and female(as we know from english or Danish).
    it comes when you want to marry, ie. both man and woman retains its old name even after the marraige.
  • Normally, children use father's surname.
  • The Iranians are using fathers country but more time mothers country (Maam Vatan)